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CTS levels the playing field with streamlined service delivery

  • 250K Accounts processed


    accounts processed

  • 99.9% Faster job restarts


    faster job restarts

  • $475K Delayed spend


    delayed spend

Business Challenge

Central Technology Services (CTS) provides operational and IT support for the 13 affiliate community banks of Missouri-based Central Bancompany. Despite dealing with a highly complex IT environment that encompasses IBM® z/OS®, IBM® CICS®, IBM® DB2®, IBM® WebSphere MQ®, and Linux platforms, CTS maintains 24x7 availability, ensures on-time delivery of data to mainframes each day, and adheres to all applicable regulatory requirements.

BMC Solution

CTS relies on BMC MainView as a central point of control to monitor and manage multiple mainframe computing environments. Control-M Workload Automation offers single-point automation and management of job scheduling across disparate systems to ensure that batch processes are completed within the batch window.

Business Impact

The BMC solutions enable CTS to maintain high availability and optimize resource utilization for maximum value. Integration between the solutions permits rapid detection and notification of batch issues. Working together, the solutions improve reliability and contain costs by increasing staff productivity and optimizing mainframe utilization.
  • Through automation, CTS delayed $475,000 in spending on mainframe upgrades for three years.
  • Automation of job restarts slashed restart times from five minutes to five seconds.
  • Simplified restart eliminates the need to incorporate restart logic into JCL, speeding development, minimizing coding errors, and facilitating new programmer training.
  • Cross-platform support automates and simplifies the scheduling of jobs that span z/OS, Linux, and Windows systems.
  • Swift detection and notification of batch issues enables IT to proactively to avoid outages.

“A BMC se le da bien cuidar se sus clientes. Cuando llamamos con un problema, conseguimos ayuda inmediatamente... y la inversión permanente de BMC en el desarrollo de soluciones nos garantiza que hemos elegido el colaborador correcto.”

— Jerry Kolb, Gestor de Sistemas y Operaciones, CTS

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