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ITSM in the cloud efficiently serves city council’s growing constituency

  • Lower cost of ownership


    cost of ownership

  • Faster service requests

    10+ minutes

    faster service request

  • Efficient change processes


    change processes

Business Challenge

Already the third-largest city in the United Kingdom and still growing fast, Leeds relies on its City Council for services from housing and education to waste collection and disposal. To ensure optimal quality and efficiency for the IT services that power these programs, the Leeds City Council transformed its IT processes and the software that supports them. ITSM in the cloud provided the fastest, most economical path to achieving this transformation.

BMC Solution

Remedy OnDemand gives Leeds the field-proven enterprise service management capabilities of BMC Remedy Service Management plus the maintenance-free agility, security, and performance provided by the cloud. The IT group tapped the power of Remedy OnDemand to align processes with IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) guidelines, resulting in higher efficiency and lower costs.

Business Impact

With the Remedy OnDemand SaaS model, IT enjoys comprehensive ITSM functionality without large capital outlays, long implementation cycles, or the burden of managing and maintaining the solution in house.

  • The move to the cloud yielded significant savings in terms of licensing, infrastructure costs, and staff time.
  • The SaaS model enabled IT to decommission servers, reducing maintenance costs and power consumption and freeing up data center space.
  • Automated service request management is saving at least 10 minutes per service request, freeing agents to focus on critical issues.
  • Detailed data and reporting enable the staff to improve service delivery by proactively pinpointing and fixing recurring problems.
  • Out-of-box alignment of change processes with ITIL standards saves time and allows the IT staff to handle emergency and expedited changes with greater efficiency.

“Remedy OnDemand fue nuestra primera solución en cloud dentro de TI. Nos ha ayudado a experimentar de primera mano lo que puede ofrecer la cloud, y nos ha ayudado a definir nuestra estrategia al respecto”.

— Mark Harrison, miembro sénior de Servicios Estratégicos en el Leeds City Council

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