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10 million citizens benefit from more secure digital government services

  • State of Michigan


    faster server provisioning

  • State of Michigan


    faster server audits

  • State of Michigan



Vídeo: El estado de Míchigan usa automatización de TI para proteger a sus 10 millones de ciudadanos

Para afrontar cuestiones de seguridad y regulaciones tales como HIPAA, PCI y SOX, el estado de Míchigan se ha asociado con BMC para desarrollar un portal de automatización de TI que proporciona a sus ciudadanos mejores servicios a un menor coste, con menos riesgos y con mayor cumplimiento. (2:16)

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Business Challenge

The Michigan Department of Technology, Management, and Budget (DTMB), an agency of the state government of Michigan, is well along in its digital transformation of IT—particularly in the area of citizen services. DTMB delivers centralized IT services to 18 state agencies and supports 300 online services for the state’s 10 million citizens. To further this path to digital success, DTMB needed a next-generation infrastructure to enable faster response to service requests, enhanced operational and regulatory compliance, strengthened security, and streamlined audits across its diverse IT infrastructure.

BMC Solution

As a central component of its digital transformation strategy, DTMB implemented BladeLogic Server Automation to automate the management, control, and enforcement of server configuration changes in the data center. With BladeLogic, DTMB is accelerating server provisioning to speed fulfillment and ensuring operational consistency to create a more stable and secure environment.

Business Impact

BladeLogic automation brings standardization and consistency to DTMB’s operational environment, freeing technical teams to focus on projects that deliver value to state agencies. These agencies rely on IT services to drive state economic growth, provide important services to citizens, and perform many other critical tasks.

  • A single solution supports configuration management across disparate platforms.
  • An automated service request process provisions new servers in days, not months.
  • Detailed reporting identifies servers that need security patches, enabling more robust security and continuous compliance with regulatory and industry requirements.
  • The staff can scan servers and produce audit reports in 15 minutes—a task that previously took up to 32 man hours.
  • BladeLogic automatically alerts administrators of server drift so they can take action to bring servers back into compliance.

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