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Building a Digital Workplace

Fast track people productivity – up to 75% increase via a mobile service desk

The digital workplace is one that revolves around employees’ needs—where employees can find and choose the technology tools they need to do their work effortlessly. BMC Digital Workplace software helps organizations support employees whenever, wherever, and however they want to work.

What is the digital workplace?

The digital workplace is where people, processes, technology, and the company converge to improve agility, productivity, and engagement. It's a workplace where employees can find the same consumer-oriented experiences they enjoy in their personal lives, with one-stop-shopping for the technology tools they need to do their work effortlessly.

The digital workplace offers businesses a truly disruptive and differentiating edge in today’s competitive marketplace.

Trends driving the digital workplace

  • Consumerization of IT: People want to use the same types of tools at work as they do in their everyday lives
  • Speed of digital innovation: Businesses must continuously find ways to make employees more productive and reduce the time-to-market of products and services
  • Work isn't a location, it's an activity: Businesses can keep employees engaged by adopting on-demand environments that support employees whenever, wherever, and however they want to work

What benefits emerge in the digital workplace?

Digital Workplace Employee Engagement

Deeper employee engagement

When employees can effortlessly get what they need to do their work it encourages them to build a closer relationship with the organization. They want to share their experiences, tips and tricks, ratings and reviews. Workplace flexibility gives employees a greater say in how their digital workplace operates.

Worker productivity in the digital workplace

Higher worker productivity

With access to a corporate app store, where peer-assisted selection quickly guides them to optimal products and services, workers waste 50% less time on IT-related issues. Context-aware services, which know your role, location, and preferences, let employees find answers and request services with a few clicks or a simple post.

digital business agility

Greater business agility

Liberated from legacy practices such as filling out long request forms or sifting through esoteric service catalogs to find help, employees can focus on new market opportunities and changing customer demands. Driven by crowd-sourced decision making and peer-assisted networking, innovation can spread like wildfire.

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