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TrueSight AppVisibility is an APM solution, powered by AIOps and designed for IT operations, that correlates application performance, digital experience and infrastructure resources to continuously improve services that depend on multi-cloud infrastructure.

Improve application performance across your multi-cloud infrastructure with machine learning and advanced analytics

  • Application-centric infrastructure monitoring shows application tiers and related events in a single view, making it easy to drill down to more information
  • Synthetic transaction management uses scripted recordings of web and client application transactions to simulate the expected behavior of end users
  • Active end-user experience monitoring provides real-time visibility into user transactions, using advanced JavaScript injection

Experience better application performance

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Deliver a great customer experience when applications and multi-cloud infrastructure work together

Ensure application performance in your multi-source IT environment


Centralize visibility into your app ecosystem and IT infrastructure to see the entire application delivery chain—from infrastructure and code to the customer experience—to understand the health and performance of diverse application architectures from your customer’s point of view.

  • Gain insight into performance with application context views of all the tiers of the application delivery chain
  • Quickly drill down to view events, device performance, services health, and launch probable cause analysis or log analysis
  • Identify root causes of degraded performance and assign events to responsible parties from a single source of truth

Put customer experience first with end-user monitoring


Maintain a positive and productive application experience for your users by monitoring usage trends and KPIs, and leveraging real-time visibility into end-user transactions to see what customers actually experience.

  • Identify slow response times for monitored applications by user, location, and web browser
  • Find out what transactions in the application delivery chain are causing poor performance
  • Quickly identify the availability and performance of web application pages accessed by users

Simulate the behavior of users to test application performance


Test a variety of application environments by simulating peak loads, of any size, from multiple geographies without coding or investments in load and stress testing hardware and setup.

  • Create realistic, reproducible load test scenarios to isolate and resolve performance problems in cross-platform systems
  • Test a range of enterprise environments with multi-protocol virtual user types which are versatile, sharable, and easy to reuse without changing test scripts
  • Analyze load tests in real time to avoid invalid test results that need time-intensive test-case reruns
  • Support AJAX/Flex, web, mobile web, Java, .NET, client/server, and host systems

Getting started with TrueSight AppVisibility is easy