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ATPCO manages fares for 460 airlines with optimized IBM® DB2® databases

  • faster structure changes


    faster structure changes

  • faster structure comparisons


    faster structure comparisons

  • faster database cloning


    faster database cloning

Business Challenge

Airline Tariff Publishing Company (ATPCO) provides airfare data representing 97 percent of commercial air travel. The company collects, updates, and distributes fare and rule data for use in issuing tickets. ATPCO maintains enormous volumes of data in multiple DB2 environments, and as many as five million fare and rule changes occur daily. To ensure high transaction capabilities and reliable data distribution, ATPCO must manage its DB2 databases efficiently and synchronize them across multiple environments.

BMC Solution

BMC solutions are enabling DB2 database administrators (DBAs) to automate processes so they can boost productivity and contain costs. BMC Catalog Manager for DB2 automates such tasks as creating and dropping objects, maintaining user privileges, generating DB2 utility JCL, and executing DB2 commands. BMC Change Manager for DB2 automates processes for changing DB2 structures, moving data and tracking changes in the company’s test environments.

Business Impact

BMC solutions empower the ATPCO’s DBAs to achieve their objectives of managing and synchronizing DB2 databases efficiently and accurately—even as the environment becomes more complex.
  • DBAs can complete structure changes 7.5 times faster and drop and create new objects 30 times faster.
  • Structure comparisons are as much as 120 times faster than with previous manual efforts.
  • DBAs move new structures in minutes from development to testing and from testing to production.
  • Developers can navigate the easy-to-use DB2 catalog even if they aren’t familiar with SQL.
  • Data architects can clone databases an astounding 320 times faster.

“We estimate that we will see up to a 60 percent gain in productivity for our data architecture and DBA groups. That will free up people to handle other areas of the business and allow the company to take better advantage of their skills and expertise.”

— Dave Pichosky, Manager of Data Architecture, ATPCO

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