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Global bank boosts service performance and cuts outsourcing with TrueSight

  • 66% fewer outsourced events

    66% fewer

    outsourced events

  • substantial savings


    saved annually

  • 20% fewer after-hours calls

    20% fewer

    after-hours calls

Business Challenge

As a multinational financial services company, Société Générale’s corporate strategy focuses on driving efficiencies and leveraging new technologies to reduce costs across the enterprise. That focus presented both a challenge and an opportunity to the Global Technology Services (GTS) group, which had outsourced event handling to a third party. Reducing the number of outsourced events could translate into a substantial savings—but not if that reduction diminished the quality of service.

BMC Solution

GTS implemented ProactiveNet Performance Management (now known as TrueSight Operations Management) to streamline and automate event handling. With dynamic baselining, the team now avoids false alerts as the system learns the patterns of user demand. Predictive analytics help them get ahead of potential problems before the impact is felt. Intelligent event correlation enables them to diagnose more complex problems faster and easier. As a result, productivity is up, costs are down, and there is less stress on the GTS staff.

Business Impact

With TrueSight providing a single platform for monitoring performance and availability as well as managing events, the staff is realizing remarkable results.

  • Dynamic baselining and intelligent event correlation reduced the number of events outsourced by 66%, saving €250,000 to €275,000 a year.
  • Automation enabled the existing staff to absorb a 66% increase in systems monitored.
  • Predictive alerts and proactive response cut the number of after-hours calls by 20%, saving time and improving morale.
  • Automation and built-in support for new technologies such as cloud give the staff the agility to respond to the needs of the business.
  • Service impact management capabilities automatically prioritize and manage events based on business impact.

“Our users are constantly asking for new technologies, and it’s essential that we be able to monitor those technologies as soon as they go into production.”

— Philippe Peter, Expert Architect and Monitoring Community Leader, Société Générale

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